Tailor-made activities

Apart from the yearly training programmes, the Fundació Doctor Robert also offers the possibility of designing activities based on request or demand from centres or institutions in the health and life fields. This possibility of working with real groups gives us the chance to adjust our offers to specific cases, always in the interests and benefits of both parties (centre or institution and FDR).

Another service provided by the Foundation is the possibility of accessing consultancy services or customised programmes with the objective of improving the functioning of organizational aspects, the competence of the health professionals, the relationship with the patient or client and overall communication within the units or among the staff.

Examples of such activities which took place in 2004 following the above strategies are:

  • Introduction Course to Statistics
  • Cardiac Arrest Donors (Cat-Asistol Project)
  • Training for Educator and Trainers
  • Course on Public Speech
  • Clinical Bioethics: What, When and Why
  • Clinical Bioethics: Usefulness of the Method in Ethical Conflicts
  • The functions of the Healthcare Ethics Committee (CEA)